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First Things First

Initial Visit

We want to welcome you to our offices and the Diamond Bar Chiropractic family, where your health is our main concern.  We know any new experience can be a little stressful, so we try to make you feel as comfortable as possible when you come into our office.  As with any new addition to a family, we need to get to know a little about you.  We do this in the form of a computer profile that lets us build a foundation for your physical health care as well as the logistics behind the scene.  This includes your demographics, medical history and insurance information. 

Note:  Please bring a list of your current medication and any imaging material, such as mri or x-rays, with you on your first visit.


Once we have the "paperwork" out of the way, our chiropractic assistant will escort you to an exam room. Here the doctor will ask questions to find out more about you and your health concerns and conditions. He/She will do an examination to help better determine a course of action for your treatment.


If the doctor determines that X-Rays are needed, they can be performed on-site and be available in a matter of minutes.


Once the examination is completed, Dr. Kevin Glenn, Dr. Andrew Park, Dr. Jessica Amador or Dr. Rachel Liang will discuss the findings with you and plan a course of  treatment that best suits your situation.


Your treatment plan starts immediately with your first visit.  Whether it is chiropractic or acupuncture, we encourage you to ask questions and share concerns, if you have any. 


When your first visit is complete, the doctor will inform you if follow-up visits are needed and you can schedule those before you leave the office.  You can also combine a massage therapy session with your next office visit to assist in the healing process.

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